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Events that Changed Things

We can't put every event that happened in Utah here. But here are a few important things that have happened.


The beginning of traveling by plane: Ben Redman and J.A. Tomlinson pose at Salt Lake City before boarding Western Air Lines' first passenger flight on May 23, 1926. 

What else has happened? What other stories can you find?

And what other ways of telling the story are there?

Dominguez-Escalante Expedition

Donner-Reed Party

Mormons' Arrival

Walker War

Woman Suffrage

Utah War

Mountain Meadows Massacre

Black Hawk War

Bear River Massacre

Uintah Reservation Creation and Beyond

Powell Expeditions

Polygamy Conflicts


Scofield Mine Explosion

Joe Hill Execution

Castle Gate Mine Explosion

Topaz Internment Camp

Enola Gay Training and Flight

Nuclear Testing and Downwinders