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Utah's American Indian Tribes

American Indian groups living in Utah include the Ute, Paiute, Goshute, Shoshone, and Navajo.

people and tipis

A group of Shoshone people near Hoytsville, Utah.

The Utes, Paiutes, Goshutes, and Shoshone people speak similar languages from a family known as the Numic Language Family. Navajos speak a language that is in the Athapaskan Language Family.

These groups are now headquartered on reservations in Utah, Colorado, Nevada, and Idaho, although prior to the coming of non-Indian settlers, they had no boundaries or land ownership. Bands might range all across the Great Basin, Rocky Mountain region, or Colorado Plateau.

Today, most tribe members value their cultural heritage, and each tribe is working to keep its unique culture alive.

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