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Cool People Who Made a Difference

Prominant people in provo

Prominent people in Provo, 1900's

Lots of very interesting people have lived in Utah - or passed through.

See a list of some of them.

Lots of these people are worth knowing (even if they are dead). We wondered something:

What Utahns have made a difference in the world somehow?

And how did they make a difference?

So we asked some friends to give us names of Utahns they think made a difference--whether famous or not. We got lots of answers!  But did we get everyone’s name who ever made a difference?

Not by a long shot!

So who do you think should be on this list?  Why? Let us know!

You can find little biographies about some of these people by clicking their links. What if you don't see a bio here? Why not see what you can find out on your own?

If you write a bio and send it to us, we might even post it. BUT--you must have good sources, and the writing must be in your own words. Send a picture too, if you can!